Welcome to the Second Year of your

Academic Journey!

Writing Center

All sophomores need to put more emphasis on the quality of your paper you submit to professors. Such quality of your work can be enhanced with the support of Writing Center where you can:

  • Learn how to plan and structure a better essays and presentations

  • Brianstorm about the suitable topics for your assignments with tutors 

  • Gain several objective insights from tutors

  • Check whether supporting evidence is credible enough

  • Find grammatical and structural errors

  • Confirm whether your citation is formatted in a proper manner

  • Get used to proofreading your works before the submission

Now jump to “Access to Writing Center” page to learn how to utilize the Writing Center!!


This year, expect to write more term papers and research papers for your courses. You will be expected to take advanced courses soon, choose your desired field/concentration, and for most, will probably make their way to their study abroad programs. This is exactly a time where you should be polishing your research and writing skills, and WINE can help you increase the quality of your paper and eventually get a better grade. 

Why should you use WINE…?

  • It provides you a professional database and papers 

  • You are able to see whether resources you need are available at the school Library or not 

  • You can access those resources outside the campus using the VPN

Access “Access to E-Resources” page to start learning how to make use of all E-Resources the university offers!!

Software &

After becoming a university student, you will be facing many papers and presentations. At this time, it is important to have some tools that assist your academic life.

With a Zoom account, you can:

  • Learn anywhere

  • Start a meeting freely with others without any time limit!

With Office 365, you can:

  • Use the package of Microsoft Office for free!

  • Easily take notes with OneNote during classes

  • Access Word, PowerPoint, and Excel freely 

With Online Syllabus Search, you can:

  • Easily check the information and period of the courses you want to take

  • Look for the courses provided by all the schools with some key words

*Please note that there will be changes to the content of the courses or not updated information, so remember to check the academic year when you use this system.

With Box, you can:

  • Store all your online data free without limitation!

  • Easily access the data you want through smartphone and web browser

With MyPortfolio, you can:

  • Keep a record of your university life online at ease

  • Save some time for finding a template for your portfolio

  • Have an organized record for your personal experiences in university, which can be useful for job hunting

With VPN, you can:

  • Access university and external services that are only available when on campus

  • Use the secure network wherever you are

Now you are ready to move on to learn how to access/install such software!! Jump to “Access to Software & Services” to learn more about it.

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