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Note that we selected a few software that are relatable to SILS students’ field of study. Check out other Waseda’s software and services that are not on this webpage by clicking here.  

My Waseda

My Waseda is a platform that can lead you to other services and resources provided by the university. You can access Waseda mail, Box, online syllabus search, MyPortfolio etc. You can see other services accessible from My Waseda here. You can also register courses and check your grades. 

Office 365

The Office 365 pack allows you to download several Microsoft applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc.) for free as long as you belong to Waseda university. Thus, you can’t access these applications after you graduate from the university. Office 365 is available to be installed on up to 15 devices (more precisely, 5 smartphones, 5 tablets, and 5 computers). The types of Microsoft applications installed on your devices depend on whether those are Windows or Mac. Check out available softwares on each device here. Also, your devices need to meet specific conditions to complete installation of office 365 (click here to check the requirements).  


Zoom allows you to take classes and have discussion with others easily online. Waseda University has contracted with Zoom and makes it possible for Waseda students to use it at ease. By signing up with your Waseda email account, you can have a meeting or even an online party with friends without any time limit!

Online Syllabus Search

The online syllabus search allows you to search information on courses provided by each department in Waseda university. You can search for necessary information regarding courses, but the information might not be updated sometimes. Thus, make sure to check up the course information using the syllabus provided by the department office (will be distributed before the course registration period).

What you can search through the online syllabus search

  • The course name 
  • Professor 
  • Department 
  • Semester and time period (day of the week and time period)
  • Classroom
  • Descriptions of the course
  • How the course will be graded 

Off-campus access 

Off-campus access allows you to access Wased’s e-resources even if you’re not on the campus. 

*You need to have your Waseda ID and password beforehand.
*You need to check and keep Terms and Conditions before and while using online resources.
*Note that you may NOT access some e-resources with off-campus connection.
*10:30 am ~ 11:00 am, on the first Tuesday in each month, you cannot use off-campus access.
*You cannot use off-campus access using VPN. Disconnect VPN connection before using off-campus access. Learn about VPN here


VPN is a technology which allows virtual access to the on-campus network from anywhere outside of Waseda University.


MyPortfolio is where you can record your daily university lives so that you can make a picture of your growth and achievements in Waseda. MyPortfolio is connected to other Waseda’s online systems, so all university-related activities (studying abroad programs, volunteers, etc.) will be automatically recorded on this system. You can also record other off-campus activities like part-time jobs by yourself. In MyPortfolio, you can write a blog-like diary and upload images or reports on this. Check out the details here

*Click here to see a concept video of MyPortfolio.
*MyPortfolio can be accessed through My Waseda.
*Guidebook is available here


Box is a software that allows you to store and access your private data on the internet through smartphone, tablet, and web browser. You can store data with no capacity limit, but the size of each file has to be 5GB. To make sure your data won’t be leaked, a “Personal folder” is provided to each of you. Check other details regarding Box here.

*Before using Box, check if your devices or browsers meet the system requirements. You can check details of the requirements here
*Do NOT store your personal information such as your passport number, “My Number National Identification Numbers”, etc. You can check details on what kind of data you can store through here (only Japanese available).
*When storing information related to students or research, you are advised to set up passwords to secure the data.
*You can install an official “Box” app on your smartphone or tablet. Click here to install the app. 

Researcher Database

Here you can find background information on researchers in Waseda, such as their contact information, work and educational histories etc. Make your search easier by filtering by department affiliation or field of study.


Qualtrics is an online tool with which you can make and analyse questionnaires. All Waseda students and professors can use this software, but the purpose of using this should be related to university matters (ie, assignments, dissertation, research, etc.).  


Statシステム is a system for using statistical processing systems such as SAS on UNIX, and supports the use of SAS (R9.2) and TSP (V4.3A). Waseda students and faculty members first need to register through My Waseda to gain access to this system. You can access this system from the computer room on campus (click here for details), from your own PC using the network on campus, and your house or outside the campus using VPN. Check out other details here (written only in Japanese).

*This system is available only for one school year for each application. You will have to reapply at the beginning of each academic school year if you want to continue using the service. After the expiring date (which you mentioned during the registration), all files you store on this system will be automatically deleted, and you cannot login this system unless you reapply during the same school year.
*If you wish to continue the contract for the next school year, you would have to save a backup data prior to the specific expiring date, and reapply for the service in the beginning of next school year.
*Guidebook is available here. (Japanese only)

So, should you be using these resources? Come and see what the Waseda Community has to say about them and how it benefitted their studies.


Want to start using these software and services?
Click on this link which it takes you directly to the “Access to Software and Services” page.

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