Seniors’ Voice

Here we introduce our fellow Waseda students, who have been supported by the resources we previously introduced. On this page, check out their real voice and some advice that they shared with us, and learn how they actually made use of the resources provided by the university.

Writing Center

This is where you can get feedback on your paper to make it better. When I was a freshman, I used this service once or twice a week during final weeks. Each session is 45 minutes long and you can select session types (language) depending on your paper. I like it because the tutors are very nice and it is all free! You should definitely go there if you are not confident with your writing skills!

– Sae Suzuta


WINE helped me reach out for the foreign literature that is hard to access through Google and other search engines. Since WINE provides us with the information about the physical location of the literature that is inaccessible through the internet, I did not have to spend much time searching for them. As for the paper media, you can reserve them through WINE, and as soon as there is a vacancy at the library, they will send you a notice and you can just go pick them up.

– Yuka Ishii

E-Resources Database

Waseda’s E-Library is great because you’re granted full access to Waseda’s digital library database even when you’re not on campus. This gives you access to famous journals and studies that you can cite in your essays and thesis. Make sure to fully utilize this resource any time you’re doing research.

– Minami Neeley

My Waseda

MyWaseda is the most useful platform for every student. You can find not only the academic resources but also some helpful information for your campus life. There are lots of materials related to circles, scholarships, career paths, study abroad and so on. I recommend freshmen take some time to explore and learn how to get familiar with the functions on My Waseda so that it would bring many benefits when you need assistance.

– Scarlett Huang

Waseda Moodle

It is a user-oriented tool to track your progress in the courses. Waseda Moodle provides a platform for communication between students and professors, and also has a neat interface and language settings that could be changed according to your preference.

– Audrey Yeh

Office 365

Word, Powerpoint and Excel are frequently used resources during university and are the top three resources which I have found useful. I recommend these resources to all SILS students since these services allow one to efficiently communicate, present and solve problems one will encounter during their time in university. 

– Mayuko Yamaga

Online Syllabus Search

It is useful when deciding which courses to register for. With syllabus search, you can find courses according to the day and period which is very helpful when organizing your schedule.

– Tiffany Chen

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