Welcome Seniors!

You are Almost Done with your Academic Career

Writing Center

Since all professors expect senior students to submit a qualified product, it is vital that you take advantage of the Writing Center. Here you can:

  • Apply for an insightful brainstorming session with experienced tutors, and discuss on your thesis topic, or for other courses you take
  • Write a more persuasive paper
  • Check whether your work is reader-friendly enough 
  • Learn proper skills on proofreading and editing your written works, which also plays an important role when working as a professional after your graduation

Now jump to “Access to Writing Center” page to learn how to utilize the Writing Center!!


First of all, congratulations for making it through the past three years of university! You are almost done with your academic career. Now, you are probably working on the graduation thesis and facing the difficulties of finding the right resources for your research. You are most likely doing Job-hunting as well, and you should be always on the lookout for news and trends in your desired field of work. Using WINE can help you further boost the quality of your paper, and also have free and unlimited access to the biggest news providers Waseda University is subscribed to such as New York Times, The Guardian, Yomiuri Shimbun, Asahi Shimbun etc…

Why should you use WINE…?

  • It provides you a professional database and papers 
  • Always have access to news and trends through Newspaper search
  • You are able to see whether resources you need are available at the school Library or not 
  • You can access those resources outside the campus using the VPN

Access “Access to E-Resources” page to start learning how to make use of all E-Resources the university offers!!

Software &

When you become the third and fourth year, you might need some tools to find the resources needed for the graduation thesis.

With a Zoom account, you can:

  • Learn anywhere
  • Start a meeting freely with others without any time limit!

With Qualtrics, you can:

  • Make your own questionnaires for research
  • Analyze the results of the questionnaire
  • Gain insights of what you have surveyed

With VPN, you can:

  • Access university and external services that are only available when on campus
  • Use the secure network wherever you are

Now you are ready to move on to learn how to access/install such software!! Jump to “Access to Software & Services” to learn more about it.

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