Welcome to the Third year of your Academic Journey!


Writing Center

The course levels offered by the SILS department are getting more advanced by the time you become a junior. Therefore, using the Writing Center is essential for all students, including those who have joined zemi (advanced seminar) and those who have not. Any student can utilize Writing Center if you want to:

  • Write persuasive, logical, and reasonable papers
  • Make comprehensive, flawless, and clear presentations
  • Discuss and brainstorm about papers or presentations with skilled tutors
  • Learn how to proofread and edit your works
  • Make your arguments more credible 
  • Check whether your works are academically appropriate 
  • Gain insights for your upcoming thesis writing

Now jump to “Access to Writing Center” page to learn how to utilize the Writing Center!!


This year, expect to write more term papers and research papers for your courses. Some of you might have just returned from study abroad, and are not sure of how many of their classes from their host university will be accredited by Waseda. For those who are unsure, this might be a time where you would take more classes than usual, not to mention more demanding classes. For those who are considering entering an advanced seminar, you will need to get used to writing even more professional papers and prepare for the graduation thesis you are going to write next year. If you’re not using it yet, WINE can help you increase the quality of your paper, so practice making use of it now. 

Why should you use WINE…?

  • It provides you a professional database and papers 
  • Get an idea of the databases and resources are available to you, especially in your field of study.
  • You are able to see whether resources you need are available at the school Library or not. This becomes more 
  • You can access those resources outside the campus using the VPN

Access “Access to E-Resources” page to start learning how to make use of all E-Resources the university offers!!

Software &

When you become the third and fourth year, you might need some tools to find the resources needed for the graduation thesis.

With a Zoom account, you can:

  • Learn anywhere.
  • Start a meeting freely with others without any time limit!

With Qualtrics, you can:

  • Make your own questionnaires for research.
  • Analyze the results of the questionnaire.
  • Gain insights of what you have surveyed.

With VPN, you can:

  • Access university and external services that are only available when on campus.
  • Use the secure network wherever you are.

Now you are ready to move on to learn how to access/install such software!! Jump to “Access to Software & Services” to learn more about it.



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