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Are you excited to begin your Academic Journey…?

Writing Center

The Writing Center provides freshmen several advantages on getting used to the university’s learning style as SILS students. It is important for us students to deepen our understand on basic academic writing skills from the first year you enter the university. 

Thanks to the Writing Center, you can:

  • Gain knowledge on basic writing manners you should care about as a university student

  • Learn how to write good essays both in English and Japanese

  • Brainstorm topics for your written assignments with professional tutors 

  • Discuss whether your chosen topics answer your essay question/s with tutors

  • Plan good structures of your written assignments

  • Write persuasive, qualified, and readable essays

  • Check your essays’ quality before the submission

  • Get good grades!! 

These advantages are applicable not only for written assignments but also for the presentations. You can be supported  on creating presentations and writing scripts at the Writing Center. 

Now jump to “Access to Writing Center” page to learn how to utilize the Writing Center!!


In university, you are going to write a variety of term papers and research papers. These days, Google is full of information, making it very easy to find all the answers to your paper topic just by typing in your questions. However, while there are some professional writings and statistics provided by a trustworthy person/organization, you need to be aware that anyone can put out any information on the internet. On the other hand, WINE provides access to professional databases and academic papers that usually require money to view, however as a Waseda student, you’re able to access these materials for free under the university’s subscriptions . Most professors are strict about the resources you use in your papers, so impress them by using WINE! Begin with exploring the site and get used to it as you will be writing a lot of papers throughout your academic career. 

Why should you use WINE…?

  • It provides you professional databases and papers 

  • You are able to see whether resources you need are available at the school Library or not 

  • You can access those resources outside the campus using the VPN

Access “Access to E-Resources” page to start learning how to make use of all E-Resources the university offers!!

Software &

After becoming a university student, you will be facing many papers and presentations. At this time, it is important to have some tools that assist your academic life.

With a Zoom account, you can:

  • Learn anywhere.

  • Start a meeting freely with others without any time limit!

With Office 365, you can:

  • Use the package of Microsoft Office for free!

  • Easily take notes with OneNote during classes.

  • Access Word, PowerPoint, and Excel freely. 

With Online Syllabus Search, you can:

  • Easily check the information and period of the courses you want to take.

  • Look for the courses provided by all the schools with some key words.

*Please note that there will be changes to the content of the courses or not updated information, so remember to check the academic year when you use this system.

With Box, you can:

  • Store all your online data free without limitation!

  • Easily access the data you want through smartphone and web browser

With MyPortfolio, you can:

  • Keep a record of your university life online at ease

  • Save some time for finding a template for your portfolio

  • Have an organized record for your personal experiences in university, which can be useful for job hunting

With VPN, you can:

  • Access university and external services that are only available when on campus

  • Use the secure network wherever you are

Now you are ready to move on to learn how to access/install such software!! Jump to “Access to Software” to learn more about it.

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