E-Resource Portal (学術情報検索)

The e-Resource Portal is where you can access useful websites the university is subscribed to and check holdings within the university’s libraries. This can range from online databases, journals, e-books and even full access from big news providers such as Yomiuri Shimbun, New York Times, The Guardian etc…


WINE is a platform for students in Waseda University to search for available library contents, such as books and magazines, news and journal articles, and academic resources.
Through WINE, you can check holdings, search which library a resource can be accessed, and you can also directly access some electronic resources subscribed by the university. 

What you can search for with WINE…

  • Holding materials and available resources online by typing in keywords. 
  • Academic resources and articles, including a variety of databases, such as web of science.
  • Holding materials of both Waseda and Keio University

WINE allows you to filter search by the type of resources, such as books, journals, and newspapers, as well as by language. 

Database List

While some licensed content can be accessed from WINE, not all of them can be searched from there. Here you will find a comprehensive list of all the websites, databases and content the school has subscribed to. Here you may find direct access to licensed content and getting used to this list can help you expand your search by filtering your search through fields or through what type of document or research you’re looking for. If you’re lucky you may find your favorite databases to help you deepen your understanding in your field of study, or simply find an ebook you may enjoy reading during your free time, and at the comfort of your own home .

What’s the difference?

Both WINE and the database list have their advantages, and both should be used alongside each other. If you want to search by individual title or are still at the beginning of your research phase, then WINE can be a good choice to pick up some resources due to its excellent search filter system. However, not all materials can be viewed online, and WINE is mostly searching for resources within the university’s libraries. For people who are at home, or are already in the middle of their research or want to look into more historical archives or more reputable sources, then checking the database list can tremendously expand your search. Have fun discovering and learning! 

See more details here.

So, should you be using these resources? Come and see what the Waseda Community has to say about them and how it benefitted their studies.


Want to start using these e-Resources? Click on this link which it takes you directly to the “Access to E-Resources” page.

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