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My Waseda
Office 365
Off-campus Access
Online Syllabus Search
Researcher database
Stat システム


  1. Login to your MyWaseda account
  2. Click on “Home” tab
  3. Open “Online Storage” tab on left hand side, and click on “Box”
  4. When asked “Part of Waseda University”, click “continue”
  5. Now you are logged into Box using your MyWaseda account.


  1. Enter “Box” through this link:
  2. Enter your login ID and password you use for MyWaseda
  3. Now you are logged into Box using your MyWaseda account.


Jump to this link:

My Portfolio

  1. Login to your MyWaseda account
  2. Click on “Student Affairs” tab
  3. Open “My Portfolio” tab on left hand side, and click on “My Portfolio”
  4. Now you are logged into My Portfolio with your MyWaseda account.


  1. Login to your MyWaseda account
  2. Click on the “My Portfolio” banner on the right hand side

Office 365

How to install Office 365 on your PC:

  1. Access
  2. Sign into your school Microsoft account using your Waseda ID and password.
    • Waseda ID (username for MyWaseda) followed by
    • Password used to login to MyWaseda account
  3. Click on “Install Office” at the top right corner and start the installment 
    • If you wish to install this software using other language than Japanese, click on “Other Installs”
    • Select language or any other change you wish to make, and click “Install”
  4. Once the download is complete, click on the downloaded file and allow the setup
    • It may take a while to complete all download depending on your network connection
  5. Finally, when “Installing Office” tab pops up, continue the installation
    • Do not shut down your PC or disconnect from network 
    • When all installation is complete, click “Close” and all processes are complete

Off-Campus Access

You need to have your Waseda ID and password beforehand. 

  1. Click here
  2. Enter your Waseda ID and password. 
  3. Enjoy e-resources provided by Waseda. 

After using off-campus access, log out through here

Online Syllabus Search

Jump to this link:

Note: Sometimes the online syllabus is not updated, so make sure to check the updated list sent out by the SILS office before the beginning of each semester


1. Access the login page of Qualtrics from IT Service Center.
2. Type your Waseda ID and Password. 
3. For first-time users, press “I Accept” on “Terms of Services” to start using Qualtrics. 
4. There you go! Qualtrics is waiting for you!

When you have any questions:

  1. Check on Qualtrics Support Site or contact Qualtrics Support through the “Help” tab
  2. Press “Sign in with SSO”
  3. Type “wasedaunivcampus” as an organization ID and press “Continue”
  4. Follow the instructions on the display, select and enter necessary items

Researcher Database

  1. From the Waseda/SILS Webpage, on the upper right corner, press “Databases”
    and you will find “Researcher Database”.


    Head directly to the page using the link:
  2. Type in your instructor’s name, or keywords if you’re not looking for one specific person. You may also filter instructors based on which department they’re affiliated to or by their field of study.


Required to submit a form through MyWaseda before you gain access to this software

  1. Login to your MyWaseda account
  2. Click on “IT Services” tab
  3. Open “Support and Application for the systems (Helpdesk)” tab on left hand side
  4. Click “申請 / Application”
  5. Click “システムサービス・機器・ソフトウェア・施設利用”
  6. Click “Statシステム利用申請”
  7. Submit your form to IT center, and once it has been registered, you will receive an email

*You are required to use your 9 digit student ID number
*Leave “希望ユーザID” space blank


VPN is a technology which allows virtual access to the on-campus network from anywhere outside of Waseda University.

  1. Install a software called “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client” (don’t need to install this if it’s on Mac)
  2. Windows & Mac OS 10.13 or lower, iOS: Install “Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  3. Mac OS 10.14 or higher : Wireless network (VPN) setup
  4. Make connection: 
    1. Proxy setup
    2. Start the Connection (VPN) and enter your user ID and password.

*The user ID is your Waseda ID or Waseda mail address, and the password is your password.

Access to the manual:

  1. Go to MyWaseda and click “IT Services” on the top
  2. Click “Support and Application for the systems (Helpdesk)” on the left hand side of MyWaseda page
  3. Click “Manual and Software” folder -> “Network service” -> “Off-campus Access Using VPN” -> “Manual (VPN Connection)
  4. Find the manual that fits your PC version (PDFs)



How to sign up and create your own meetings:

  1. Access Zoom homepage:
  2. Sign up with your Waseda email.
  3. Activate your account by checking the email.
  4. Completed! And you can start creating your own meetings

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