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E-Resources Database
Researcher Database


  1. Click here to jump to the home page.
  2. Click the sign in button on the top right corner and select “student/faculty” and login with your Waseda ID and Password.
  3. Enter any keyword and search for the resources you need!
  4. Once you find any interesting resource, click the title of the resource and see where you can access it. Some resources are only available physically at the library and some are accessible online!

    Click here to see more detailed user’s guide for WINE.

E-Resource Database

  1. Head to this link to access the e-Resource Portal:


    On the upper right corner of the Waseda/SILS Homepage, under Databases click Waseda e-Resource Portal or “学術情報検索”

    After logging in to MyWaseda, click Waseda e-Resource Portal on the right hand list of banners
  1. Upon arriving at the e-Resource Portal,  for users who prefer English, click the “English” bar on the top page before search
  1. Scroll to “Find Databases” (Take note that some databases Waseda is subscribed to cannot be accessed through WINE but only through this search. At the same time some databases can also only be accessed through WINE. Use both accordingly)
  1. Type in your desired database name if you already know what you’re looking for (Individual titles of Journal articles, etc. cannot be found here). For first time users, check “Recommended Databases” to view the most popular databases from existing users or press “Advanced Search” and view the whole list of databases available and filter by resource type, field of study, or keyword search.
  1. Before you use each database, look out for the icons below each database name. 

From top to bottom:

  1. Displays what language the website/content is in. (日)means Japanese, ( W ) means English and (中韓) means Chinese and/or Korean.
  2. This icon means that all (or most) content within the database is accessible.
  3. This means the university is paying the database provider to grant students access, usually this comes with a License agreement, which includes terms and conditions on how to use the database. See no. 8.
  4. Means the database can be accessed outside the school network.
  5. Means that the database can only be accessed within the school network/Wi-fi.
  6. Not as common, however due to licensing or security reasons, you may be asked to verify your student information.
  7. Not all database links can be accessed by multiple people, some are limited to 50 while some are limited to as little as 3 persons. 
  8. This icon means that the database is licensed and requires extra precautions before use. Make sure to click this icon first and check the content before you access each database. Here you can find:
    • Summary description of the database
    • Publisher name
    • Eligible users
    • How to use section
    • Precautions on use
  9. Due to maintenance, the database is unavailable. Make sure to look out for maintenance notices on the e-Resource Portal homepage.
  10. As the name suggests, non-existence of this icon means that the database is only accessible through the database list.
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