“Waseda Direct” is a new service to provide academic support for students studying at Waseda University. This project was planned and launched by SILS students in Dr. Morimoto’s Advanced Seminar in 2020. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, and this includes Waseda students who have at some point experienced some degree of academic difficulty with the transition to online learning. Under such circumstances, we wanted to support each student’s academic experience by providing each student with the guidance to the powerful resources available at their disposal through Waseda. We hope you can find this website useful for your further studies.

Wish you all the best, 

Waseda Direct Team 


How to use this website:

  1. We first recommend going through the “Resources” tab so you can find out what academic resources are available to you.

  2. In “The Advantages” tab, we’ve compiled important notes and advice from the SILS community as to how students are benefitting from each resource. Check this page and find out how each resource can help you in your academic journey.

  3. Lastly, you can find instructions on how to use each resource under the “How to Access” section.

  4. For any inquiries, please access the Q&A section.

  5. Have fun exploring and help a fellow friend by sharing them this website!


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